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Joint China Photo Workshop with Joe Baraban

Announcing Today:

This joint workshop with Joe Baraban and William Yu will visit the beautiful Yunnan province in the southwest China at its best season, photographing both unique landscape of rice terraces and beautiful environmental portraits of Yi and Hani people.

I met Joe at BPSOP online photo school, he is one of the best photography instructors there, always getting rave reviews from students. His knowledge, skills and teaching style made his classes highly sought after. We have been in discussion for joint workshops for a while now, it’s finally realized here! I firmly believe that all attendees of this workshop will benefit a lot from his teaching based on years of knowledge and experience. Joe and I are working together to provide the best photography and travel experience to all of you! Welcome onboard to learn and pratice photography at one of the most beautiful but unique areas of the world!

When: Jan 7–17, 2018
Where: Honghe, Yuanyang and Kunming, Yunnan province, China
Cost: US$ 3,600 based on double occupancy, extra US$300 for single occupancy
Group size: 12 maximum
Category: Photography Tour
Workshop Leaders & Photography Instructors: Joe Baraban and William Yu
Language spoken: English
Workshop URL: www.williamyuphotoworkshops.com/yunnan2018.html
Contact: william@williamyuphotography.com or joe@joebaraban.com

2017 Summer Tibetan Plateau Photo Tour

Welcome to the roof of the world! This tour takes you to 3 beautiful provinces on Tibetan Plateau in the best season, starting with 7 day jouney through the province of Qinghai, where canola blooms covering along the largest salt lake(Qinghai Lake) in China, then we cross into Gansu province, visiting Zhangye Danxia (Landform) Geopark, one of the most colorful Kast(sandstone) geological sites in China. Our group flies to Lhasa on the 8th day, continue our journey through the heart of Tibet for the next 8 days, then flying from Nyingchi(LZY) to Chengdu(CTN), Sichuan province on Aug 1 to end this great trip. In summary, during 17 days, we will travel through and photograph Tibetan villages, monasteries, canola flower fields, salt flat, colorful sandstone geopark, the largest salt water lake in China, sacred Tibetan lakes, wet lands, mountain passes, glaciers… Do not miss this once-a-lifetime experience!

When: July 16 – Aug 1, 2017.
Where: Qinghai province, Gansu province and Tibet
Cost: US$4,450 based on double occupancy ($400 extra for single occupancy)
Group size: Small group tour with 10 persons maximum
Category: Photography Tour
Tour Leader & Photography Instructor: William Yu
Workshop URL: www.williamyuphotoworkshops.com/tibet2017.html
Language spoken: English
Contact: william@williamyuphotography.com

2017 Patagonia Spring Photo Tour

“Patagonia – the farthest place to which man walked from his place of origin.”

Bruce Chatwin

At the southern tip of South American continent across both Chile and Argentina, lies the mighty wilderness of Patagonia. To this day, it is still sparsely populated, shrouded with mystery and awe-inspiring in the mind of world travlers. It’s home to spectacular mountain peaks, vast continental steppes, pristine glaciers and lakes as well as several world-renowned national parks. This is the land of natural beauty at its purist form. Our 12-day photo tour will be led by seasoned local photography guides, exploring the very heart of Patagonia, including the majestic Mount Fitz Roy, Cerro Torre, Torres Del Paine National Park and Los Glaciares National Park, photographing mountains, clouds, waterfalls, wildflowers and the beautiful colors of the austral spring, as well as the opportunistic encounters of wildlife like Andean condor, nosy guanacos, pink Chilean flamingos, etc. Join William to embark this fantastic journey photographing Patagonia at its best season.

When: Nov 27 – Dec 8, 2017.
Where: Patagonia, spanning both Argentina and Chile.
Cost: US$5,579 based on double occupancy ($680 extra for single occupancy)
Group size: Small group tour with 11 clients maximum
Category: Photography Tour
Tour Leader & Photography Instructor: William Yu
Workshop URL: www.williamyuphotoworkshops.com/patagonia2017.html
Language spoken: English
Contact: william@williamyuphotography.com

New Class: Photographers Guide to Travel Photography

Travel Photography – Live, Travel and Capture

Learn how to expand your travel photography and use your camera while experiencing life. Check out my latest photography course at Bryan Peterson School of Photography. Sign up now for an all new experience!

2017 Xinjiang Fall Colors Photo Tour

Welcome to Xinjiang, the northwest frontier of China! This tour takes you to the northern part of Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region in the best season, when the fall color is at its peak display. We will travel through and photograph ethnic Mongol villages, pristine lakes, grasslands, vast desert, colorful forest, ancient towns, strange Yarding formations, historical silk road sites… Landscape photography is the main focus with some street and people photography on some locations. Do not miss this unique experience to the Wild Wild West of China!

When: Sep 15 – 28, 2017.
Where: Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, China.
Cost: US$3,299 based on double occupancy ($300 extra for single occupancy)
Group size: Small group tour with 12 persons maximum
Category: Photography Tour
Tour Leader & Photography Instructor: William Yu
Workshop URL: www.williamyuphotoworkshops.com/xinjiang2017.html
Language spoken: English
Contact: william@williamyuphotography.com

May 2016 Yunnan(China) Photo Tour

Join Kah-Wai Lin and I at the Yunnan (China) Photography Workshop on 3-12 May 2016.
For more information: http://www.kahwailin.com/#!yunnan-2016/s0u8p

2016 Yunnan Photo Tour